Monday, December 10, 2012

Phuke Sunshine Village Foundation

Children are waiting to begin their new life with your help a gift of love and kindness.
Phuket Sunshine Village Foundation is located at 15/20 Soi Namungjaidew, Moo1, T. Ratchada, Sirae island, Muang Phuket. 

We got information there are almost 150 person total children with staff. I have join with our neighbor and friend, actually they have plan long time before i just know news they are going to orphanage home this morning and have catch up with them with help some cooking and some buy milk and small things that i can do. Thank you for our friend who from different work, Bank, lawyer, laundry, shop. they are so kind to the children. I really happy to join them and do good things for a day.

My neighbor family, have gone for shopping and cook rich soup, chicken(Kaow man kai). fruit, drink, ice cream.  some of them buy T-shirt.

 I have a very happy day. ,,,,,  I would love to back to see them again before X'mas

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